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Fire instructions

Skippergata 12

All units are connected to the main sprinkler system, and have smoke and heat detectors installed. Every tenant is responsible for keeping the detectors battery fresh.

In case of fire alarm:

1)    Always assume there is an actual fire

2)    Close windows and doors, and leave the unit immediately

3)    Never use the elevator in cases of fire, always use stairs

4)    Locate origin of alarm
       a)Check fire location map by the entrance

5)    If possible double check to see if there is an actual threat

6)    In case of fire call 110. The system does NOT contact the fire department automatically

NOTE: Smoke can be deadly. If stairwell is smoky, use alternative escape route, i.e. roof terrace or via unit. Attract attention via window or balcony. Rescue crew will assist your exit.

In case of a false alarm:

1)    Reset the fire location map by the entrance

2)    Manually close the smoke hatch on the roof
       a) Locate switch IN THE BASEMENT, on the right hand side high up on the wall
       b) Hold the button with a downwards arrow until hatch is closed (takes a while)

If nobody from the board is present, inform them about what has happened (find contact details on the board or online).


In case of fire call 110